Top 10 Photographers that you should follow

When I first entered the World of Instagram back in  2012 I wasn't too sure if It was going to be so big as it is today. Back then I posted photos I took to share to the World not only my photography work but a look into my eyes in  what I see in my neighborhood,events I go to, portraits of people,etc.

One of the many reason I love instagram is it brought me closer to other photographers that later became my friends. Theirs always love and appreciation thats showed with other photographers when it comes to Instagram.

These are my top 10 photographers that you should follow.


10. rl_renaissance 


9. I_amsin 


8. eric veloso by rome

6. 13th witness

5. good habit

4. the wasted talent

3. Visuals by pierre

2. Manuall Focus

1.steve sweatpants

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