Before and After The Bite Gallery Recap

On Sunday April 15th I entered a contest that Foot locker and Nike was putting together where artist had to submit their artwork to be judged to be apart of an art gallery. The judges for this contest were 13th Witness, Baron Von Fancy, and MadSteez.

I stood on the  long line for about 3 hours outside with the other hundreds of artist  and it was really cold (40 degrees). I watched many other artist with their artwork,Some came with small and huge canvas. In my mind all I could think of is that these artist are really awesome.  


As the clipboard came around to fill out my information about myself and my artwork my fingers were freezing,but i couldn't let that stop me from entering this contest. So as I held my 11x16 portfolio I had filled out the form and waited for about other hour until I got inside the gallery to show my artwork which was a black and white photo I called "Late Night Snack" 

So I got my photo taken by a Polaroid camera then they stapled the photo to my application I filled out as I was outside waiting. 

 It was my turn to enter to see the 3 judges to explain my artwork. I was really cool and comfortable talking to them. It was a great vibe.

I had to stay in the City because there going to call winners,and I was one of the artist who they called to announce that won the contest, so out of 4,000 entries me and the other 18 artist made it to display our artwork in The Before and After Gallery.

Here are the recap photos I took of the event of the opening night  the gallery.


Nike Air Max Plus


My photo that I submitted to the contest that got selected. Photo is called "Late Night Snack"

 Thank you to all who came to support and celebrate with me.

 I'm also glad that I get both colorways of the Air Max Pro Plus. Thank you Foot Locker and Nike.



                                       Always stay hungry for your dreams.






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  • ALex GIlles

    Dope event congrats bro

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