Patches and Pins Expo recap

I'm a huge fan and collector of enamel pins. I got an opportunity to be one of the vendors at Patches and Pins Expo. It was an amazing experience with meeting different brands that makes enamel pins and talking to consumers about their enamel pin collection.

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Street Dreams are made of these.

I've been following Street Dreams Magazine since 2014, I first discovered the magazine from a hashtag that read (#streetdreamsmag) on Instagram. So I followed the hashtag and seen a collection of amazing photos. On April 29th,2018 Street Dreams Magazine released their 13th issue. I had the opportunity to visit their Act III Pop-Up / Gallery event. Many of the photos in the 13th issue are amazing images on music  and sports.         I love how Street Dreams  built a community of photographers to display their images onto an issue of the magazine.                                                  ...

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